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Empowering Virginians In The Workplace


Many Virginians in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations benefitted from the wages and workplace protections that were won by labor unions. Over the last 40 years, wages have stagnated, and unions have been shrinking due to laws that undermine the rights of workers. Sam will fight for policies in Virginia that empower workers and raise the standard of living across the Commonwealth.

Sam will continue to advocate for laws that ensure all workers have paid family and medical leave, fair scheduling for workers, a living wage, and increased access to affordable, high-quality child care.

By 2026, nearly 22% of people 65 and older will be working. We must do everything we can to both allow people to retire with dignity, while also preparing for an aging workforce. We need to develop infrastructure for aging populations to allow our parents and grandparents to remain at home instead of being forced to move to senior centers.

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